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Prophetic Dream for 2024

A few nights ago I had dream from God. This isn’t unusual for me, I’ve had dreams my whole life. Some are from the Lord, some aren’t. Until now, though, my dreams from God, for the most part, have been for me and about me.

But this dream was different in two ways.

First, I can almost always tell the difference between a dream from God and a dream not from God, but what I have never been able to do is figure out what the dreams mean on my own. I have always needed help. This dream was different. I woke up with a sense of what the dream was about, which was further expanded on once I talked to my people about it.

Second, I was in the dream, but the dream wasn’t about me and this is one of the things I sensed when I woke up.

I’ve been thinking over, praying about, and conferring with some trusted individuals about this dream over the past few days and I feel very strongly that I’m supposed to share it publicly and explain the meaning behind it. So here it is:

The Dream:

I was engaged to man who was cheating on me. I discovered he was cheating on me and I desperately wanted to get away from him. I decided running as far away from him as I could was the only way to completely separate myself from him.

I went to an auto mechanic shop in the middle of the night, where there was an old car I could use. It was in perfect working order, but it had the wrong headlights. There were several auto mechanics at the shop, and I told them the car had the wrong headlights installed and I specifically needed to have Illuminaire brand headlights.

The mechanics changed out the headlights once or twice but continued to install the wrong headlights. I was frantically yelling at them to give me the correct headlights. I woke up before the mechanics were able to get this all sorted out.

Waking Up:

As I said before, I woke up with the sense that this dream was from God and that even though I was in the dream, the dream was not about me. I also had the sense that the fiancé I was engaged to represented the world, rather than any one man. And finally, I sensed that the Illuminaire headlights I was so insistent on having installed on the car represented the Word of God.

The Interpretation:

The woman in this dream represents the church body. She was engaged to man who represented the world, but this man was cheating on her. He was unfaithful and full of sin. As the church body, we are supposed to be the bride of Christ, but this dream suggests that many in the church body have given too much of themselves to the world, to the point that the church body appears to be closer in relationship with the world than Christ. The church body is beginning to realize this, which is a good thing.

The mechanic shop represents the church building because that is where the church body goes to get spiritually “fixed”. In the same way, a car is taken to an auto-mechanic to be fixed when it has problems. But the vehicle the church body uses to get away from the world is missing a key component – the Word of God. (John 8:12, Psalm 119:105)

So, the church body (woman) decides to get as far away from the world (man) as they can by going to a church building (mechanic shop). The church body expects to receive the Word of God from the church so that when they leave the church and live their everyday lives, the church body will have the Word of God to light their way, but they aren’t getting the right words in the church building to prepare them for the journey ahead.

The church body is becoming aware of this. We desperately want the Word to guide us, to show us how we’re supposed to live separate from the world, but the people we expect to bring us the knowledge we need are, seemingly, unable to do so.

There were headlights in the car, and the mechanics traded them out for other headlights that weren’t the correct headlights. We are getting words from church, but are they THE Word?

The dream doesn’t leave us with an answer to this problem, but I believe getting in the Word more is the solution. If the church body isn’t getting enough of the Word, or the Word accurately, then we need to be in the Word ourselves. Reading it, studying it, talking about it with other believers, and praying about it.

This dream goes hand in hand with the word the Lord gave me as I prayed about 2024 in the final week of December 2023 which I also feel I should share.

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

"This is an election year. Do not worry or be afraid for I Am in control. There will be a push for more evil, it will look dark in the world. The politicians will say what they think the people want to hear in order to get votes. It will be difficult to know who to trust, who to vote for. But trust in Me. Keep your peace with Me and in Me. I Am the way, the truth, and the life, you will find your way in this dark world.

“My heart grieves for my people who are not ready to face this darkness because they don’t know Me as they should. There is light coming but they can’t see it for they aren’t looking. They don’t understand.”

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