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Living In God’s Will

Have you ever wondered if you're in God's plan for your life or not? I contemplate this on occasion and was doing so recently because I have done so many things without paying about it first. I've heard it said that when we are in relationship with God, that our will becomes his will and we simply walk in it. But I guess I've never really believed it because here I was doubting. So I asked God about it. I was in bed trying to fall asleep so I didn't have my journal. The answer he gave me wasn't in words, it was like a zip file downloaded to my brain. I suddenly had a full answer, but I had to unpack and process it.

Here is what he said:

He gave me an image of my marriage. And in that image I understood that Craig and I have a relationship. We have a plan for our ranch. It's not a total picture, but we have some definite goals and a rough outline of what we're trying to do. In comparison, God's plan is complete, he knows exactly what the plan for my life is and I'm trusting him to lead me. However, I can’t see God’s complete picture for my life. I have to trust him to bring it about and to guide me in that plan.

But in our marriage, I don't have ask my husband about every purchase I make and he doesn't have to ask me about every purchase he makes. We've talked about our financial goals, we both know and agree on what those are and our spending reflects that. In the same way, if I'm in relationship with God, and seeking him with all my heart and understanding, then I can rest in the fact that God and I have the same goals. They may not be totally clear in my mind, but they are in God's and I can trust him not to lead me astray.

Now, there are times when I've made a purchase that Craig didn't think was a great idea, or was too expensive, and I've thought the same about some of his purchases. In those cases, we might have meant well, but stepped out of our goals and been a little impulsive. We're human, it happens. But just like we tell each other when we think we need to adjust our spending and refocus on our financial goals, God will correct me if I begin to stray from his plan. It's a relationship though, I have to be continually connected to God in order to know if I'm on the right path. Just like I need to stay connected to my husband so our relationship stays strong and we stay united in our goals.

This was such a neat picture God showed me. I love when the Lord talks to me in this way. Have you experienced this kind of communication with the Lord? What revelation did he bring you?

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