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This is a story about the Smith's. They live in Dreamland on Rocky Road Ave. Let me introduce them to you.


Dad is 59 years old, he works at an Ice Cream Company. Mom, who is 43 years old, works at a candy store. Stu is 21 years old and just got out of college and shaves once a month and loves to sleep till 4:00 or 5:00 p.m.!!! Tom is a grade A student at Gummy Bear Island School, is 10 years old, and loves basketball. Baby Sal is 2 years old, despises thumb sucking and goes to M&M Preschool. Now that I've introduced you we will begin the story.

On Monday, Tom got up at 7:10 a.m. and got ready for school. He could smell chocolate chip cookies with whipped cream cooking downstairs. On his way downstairs he knocked on Stu's bedroom door like he did every morning, just to see if it would wake him up. It never had worked! "Where's Dad?" Tom asked seeing his dad was not at the table that morning.

"He isn't feeling well today, so I let him sleep in, now come and eat. Would you like chocolate milk or candy juice?" asked Mom.

"Candy juice, please." said Tom.

"Alright," said Mom, "off to school you go."

"Bye Mom, I'm outta here!" And Tom was out the door.

Mom was getting ready to go to work when Dad sat bolt upright, got out of bed and started getting dressed.

"What do you think you are doing getting out of bed? You are going to get cold feet," said Mom.

"I feel much better now, I have to go to work, it's candy day!"

"Well go then," said Mom laughing.

Mom was also getting baby Sal ready as she was telling Dad not to forget that he had to get the most healthiest snacks in the world like butterscotch and fudge. Then Mom and baby Sal got into one candymobile and Dad into another. They had three cars because Mom and Dad had to go to work and Stu insisted that he needed a car, even though he was always sleeping. 

At school, Tom was getting more and more worried. The teachers had said that chocolate milk and candy juice were to be banned from the whole country! He could not let that happen. Right when he got home we wrote a letter to the president Candyman, he did not send it though because he had to make sure it was okay to use a candy drop for a stamp.

While he was waiting he went and pounded on Stu's door till he opened it, for all Stu ever drank was chocolate milk. When he finally opened the door, Tom shouted that they had banned chocolate milk and candy juice from the whole country. 

Stu freaked. He slammed his door closed, then he opened it again, and asked, "What do they expect us to drink?"

"They want us to drink this stuff called water. It tastes horrible. We had to drink it in school just to get used to it, here taste it, see for yourself!"

That's when he noticed. Stu hadn't shaved yet this month but Tom noticed that when Stu freaked all his face hair fell out. He started laughing SO hard he had to drink something so he drank the water and when he realized it he almost threw up!

At preschool, baby Sal was getting ready to have her snack, but when she heard what it was, she wouldn't look at anybody but sat in the corner till Mom came to get her. 

Mom was not very busy at the candy store and didn't know why until a police officer came and told her that this shop was going to be turned into a mushroom shop. She almost cried.

Dad was not having a good day at the Ice Cream Shop because they were turning it into a hat making place. 

When Mom got home. Tom told her what happened to Stu and the letter he wrote. Baby Sal told them that she had starved because of what they were feeding her, mushrooms and potatoes!

When Dad got home, baby Sal asked about the candy he was supposed to bring her, but when he told her that they weren't ever going to be able to eat candy again, she started to cry. 

The next day everyone got into the car and drove to the presidents house. When they got there it was obvious that a lot of people were complaining because they couldn't find a place to park for 3 blocks! They knocked on the door and someone let them in just in time to hear a joyous shout as the president announced his decision to keep Sweetland the way it had always been, sweet. 

Everyone began to make their way home and they never again had to worry about eating healthy food. 

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